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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Episode 383 Himalayas, Catskills, and more

For today’s episode of the podcast I’m introducing you to Dr. Petr Yakovlev, a friend and geologist here in Butte at the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology. Petr will be doing occasional guest episodes to give you all a break from my voice, as well as information about some of the diverse things he's worked on.

Petr Yakovlev with a Cenozoic conglomerate near Cardwell, Montana.
Photo by Dick Gibson
Petr got his undergrad geologic education at Boston College and his PhD at the University of Michigan.

In this episode Petr and I talk about his work in Tibet, which has implications for the fundamental nature of the India-Eurasia collision; another structural geology project he worked on in the Catskills of New York; and the projects he’s working on here in Montana. And he gives us some teasers about the kinds of topics he plans to cover for History of the Earth.

Running time 13 minutes.

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