The 366 daily episodes in 2014 were chronological snapshots of earth history, beginning with the Precambrian in January and on to the Cenozoic in December. You can find them all in the index in the right sidebar. In 2015, the daily episodes for each month were assembled into monthly packages, and a few new episodes were posted. Now, the blog/podcast is on a weekly schedule with diverse topics, and the Facebook Page showcases photos on Mineral Monday and Fossil Friday. Thanks for your interest!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Cenozoic Episodes

Running time 3 hours

We are up to the Cenozoic Era in the monthly episodes. This one combines the 31 episodes from December 2014, covering the Cenozoic, into one episode, and it completes the packaging of each month of episodes from the original series.

As usual for this monthly compilation, I’ve left the references to specific dates in the podcast so that you can, if you want, go to the specific blog post that has links and illustrations for that episode. They are all indexed on the right-hand side of the blog.

Thanks for your interest in this project. If you have questions or comments, please let me know, either here on the blog – there’s a page for Questions– or contact me by email at rigibson at I’ll try to respond. You can of course also leave a review on iTunes. I really do appreciate your feedback.

For 2016, I’m going to TRY to have more frequent new programs than I did in 2015. Some upcoming topics, many suggested by you listeners, include fluorescence in minerals, questions about the oxygen crisis back in the Precambrian, the Tepuis in South America, and more. Thank you!

—Richard I. Gibson


  1. Finally! Exactly what i was looking for... thank you
    Hobo On Earth

  2. Hi Richard, Thanks for all your efforts to produce the podcasts. I have listened to them all and have found them interesting and educational. I particularly enjoyed the Cenozoic this week as we were in Oregon and saw the Newberry volcanics and Columbia basalts.

    1. Thanks! I'm TRYING to get my act together to make more episodes... but don't hold your breath!